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Operational Police Protective Services<br />L.L.C., Security Guard & Patrol Service, Pasadena, MD


We have the trained and experienced armed personnel you want protecting your event venues and VIPs.
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If it comes to that point, you will understand why we are the best.
Armed Security
Since they are trained and experienced, you never have to worry about amateurs handling dangerous situations. Contact Operational Police Protective Services to find out more now.
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If you are in the Baltimore, MD and east coast region, let us into your circle of trust. Schedule a free consultation with our experts to learn more.
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Off Duty Police

Armed Security


Protective Services


Off Duty Police

Off Duty Police | Operational Police Protective Services | Baltimore, MD | 4437902511

Most of the criminal element in society works off opportunism. What that means is that the majority of people engaging in crime do...

Armed Security

Armed Security | Operational Police Protective Services | Baltimore, MD | 4437902511

The world is full of unforeseen circumstances and unknown people with unreasonable motives. The...

Protective Services

Protective Services | Operational Police Protective Services | Baltimore, MD | 4437902511

Many people like you have worked extremely hard to reach a certain level or station in life. If you are behind important decisions that...

Operational Police Protective Services promises to deliver professionalism from start to finish. Scheduling and administrative fees waived for the first 6 months for new clients! Call today for your free consultation!

Welcome to Operational Police Protective Services

Operational Police Protective Services of Baltimore, MD has been serving the region for years. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of event and VIP security options for clients of all sizes and specific needs. Our team consists of off duty police officers, specially trained members of federal state and local agencies, as well as highly qualified active and former military personnel. With our company, you can expect services such as:

•Armed Security officers—We can provide armed officers to escort your vehicle, protect an individual or individuals, and protect venues. With our team, you can rest easy knowing that every angle has been covered and accounted for.

•Armed Escorts—One of the most dangerous moments in a VIP’s world is when he or she must travel. Abductions and kidnappings happen most often at the points of pickup and drop-off from one location to another. Give our team access and put your trust in our methods so that we can protect you from the unknown.

•Corporate Protection—When traveling to desolate or unsafe locations in the name of business, it is important that you are protected from forces with malicious intent. At Operational Police Protective Services, we can directly plan your journey in order to maximize safety while reducing potential threats.

•Off Duty Police Protection—If you are in need of event or neighborhood security, turn to our company to find an off duty police officer in Baltimore, Maryland ready to take up your cause. We hire and screen only the finest candidates so you never have to worry about the quality of security you will receive.

•TWIC Escorts - We offer TWIC Escorts to any port in Baltimore, MD to service your cargo and vessel needs.

If you are in Baltimore, MD and want to speak with one of the most highly skilled and experienced private security teams in the area, then Operational Police Protective Services is here for you. Reach out and let us assist you by providing armed security protective services for your next event or corporate venture.


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